Summary box

The information contained in this table summarises key product features and is not intended to replace any terms and conditions.
APR Rates as shown, depending on individual circumstances Representative 21.9% APR variable 29.9% APR variable
Interest rates (variable) Introductory Rate* Monthly Rate Annual Rate Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Purchases We may make promotional offers from time to time 1.667% 21.94% 2.207% 29.95%
Cash Transactions, if available not applicable 2.337% 31.94% 2.840% 39.94%
Balance Transfers, if available 0% p.a. for 12 months from account opening if made within 6 weeks of account opening and we may also make other promotional offers from time to time. 1.667% 21.94% 2.207% 29.95%
Interest Free Period
  • Maximum 56 days on standard purchases if you pay your balance in full every month and on time.
  • Buy Now Pay Later transactions (if available) will be interest free for 3 months from the date of the transaction (unless we tell you it is longer).
  • Balance transfers and Buy Now Pay Later transactions are only interest free during the promotional period (if any).
  • There is no interest free period on cash transactions.

If you do not make at least your minimum payment in full and on time or if you go over your credit limit any promotional rates may come to an end and we will charge the standard purchase rate or the standard balance transfer rate, as applicable, instead of the promotional rate.

Interest Charging Information
Purchases (including Buy Now Pay Later transactions which have transferred to the standard balance)Date added to AccountRepaid in full**
Cash TransactionsDate added to AccountRepaid in full**
Balance TransfersDate added to AccountRepaid in full**

**Interest is calculated daily. You will not pay interest on new purchases if you pay your balance in full and on time each month. If you have not paid your balance in full in the previous month, you may receive a further interest charge in the following month even if you have paid your balance in the current month in full.

Allocation of Payments

If you do not pay off your balance in full, payments we receive are applied to the highest interest bearing transactions first.

For further details, please refer to your credit card terms and conditions.

Minimum repayment
  • The amount of any interest and default fees plus 1% of the standard balance shown on your statement plus the amount of any arrears, which are immediately repayable, subject to a minimum of £5. Any overlimit amount is immediately repayable. Any amounts on your Buy Now Pay Later balance (if available) will not be included in your minimum payment until they are transferred to your standard balance.
  • If you only make the minimum payment it will take longer and cost more to clear your balance.
Credit Limit Minimum credit limit £1000
Maximum credit limit Subject to Status
Fees No annual fee
Charges Balance Transfers (if available) Up to 5.00%
Cash Transactions 3% (minimum £3.00)
Paper copies of statements £3.00
For further details, please refer to the Credit Agreement
Foreign Usage, if available Payment Scheme Exchange Rate Rates can be found at
Non-Sterling Transaction fee 2.75% of transaction
Non-Sterling Cash fee 3% (minimum £3.00)
Default Fees Late Payment Fee £12.00
Returned Payment Fee £12.00
Overlimit Fee £12.00

Trace Fee (charged if you change your details and you do not tell us where you may be contacted)


* To benefit from any promotional offers or introductory offers you must not break the agreement, e.g. by not making at least your minimum monthly payment in full and on time or exceeding your Credit Limit. If you do break the agreement, we may charge the standard purchase rate, standard balance transfer rate or other applicable standard rate instead of the promotional rate or introductory rate.